This Summer,
it's your time to shine.

We're helping you be your best festival self at the UK’s hottest festivals. Be part of our exciting beauty, grooming and fashion experience where everyone’s welcome and anything goes.

We've chosen a top line-up of only the best big beauty brands to work their festival magic on you and your tribe. Let your hair down, be yourself and let us help you meet those glitter goals this festival season.

Go all out you this summer, with the UK’s first big-brand festival beauty, grooming and fashion experience. We’ll be waiting to help you be your festival best at six festivals [link to on tour list] across the UK. A space where you can let your hair down/be yourself and fully embrace those glitter goals. Let our pro make-up artists, beauticians and hair stylists work their festival magic on you and your tribe - it’s your time to shine.


We’ll be ready and waiting at the following summer sell out festivals to treat you to your favourite festival look. Of course, you’ll need to be a festival ticketholder.