5 hot festival trends for 2019

Don’t listen to your mum: it’s NEVER too early to start planning for festival season.

With that in mind, we’ve already put together an early-bird festival fashion forecast for 2019.

But first, look how much fun we had last summer helping you beauties be your best festival selves. We can’t wait for more sun and sparkles this year!


Excited yet? We are!

Now, on to our top 5 picks for festival fashion trends in 2019…


Yep, this festival classic is back. This year’s take ontie-dye is a little more toned down than what we’ve seen in previous years;think beachy dresses, colourful crop tops and pastel body suits.

Feeling creative? Why not have a go at up-cycling some clothes with at-home tie-dying – just cover those carpets first!

(images: pinterest)

Boho Chic

Let your inner hippie out and embrace this year’s hottest festival fashion trend: boho chic. We’re loving the sun-kissed hues, cute patterns and neutral colours, paired with bold jewellery and statement boots or sandals. The light fabrics also make this an ideal outfit for a hot summer (if we’re lucky enough to get one!)

(images: pinterest)


Colour Block & Bold Print

Last year, we fell in love with animal print all over again. And fear not: it’s here to stay for summer. Pair bold prints with bright colours for an eye-catching festival outfit. You could even try camouflage trousers or an 80's-style chain print head scarf to bring your outfit to life.

(images: pinterest, ASOS)


Cycling shorts

That’s right, the trend that no-one asked for, but Kanye gave us, is back for another summer. Pair these slinky bottoms with an over-sized t-shirt or crop top and denim shirt for a cool festival look that channels your inner Kylie Jenner.

(images: pinterest)

And of course, glitter

Where would we be without a bit of sparkle? We didn’t go a day last summer without finding glitter in all manner of places. The festival season is the perfect time to shine – literally shine… from the amount of glitter on your body, hair and face.

Here’s a few of our favourite glitter looks from last summer

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