Festival hair must-haves

from Schwarzkopf

Braids, boho waves or an effortless updo – it’s festival season, and that means it’s time to go all out with your hair.

The hair experts, Schwarzkopf, are joining us at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park this summer – and they know better than anyone that festivals are the time to unleash your creativity, and to say goodbye to polished perfection in favour of free-spirited locks. And adding colour or sparkle can truly take your look from club to Coachella.


For on-the-go festival styling, when mirrors and sinks may be thin on the ground, Schwarzkopf’s temporary LIVE Colour Spray is a great choice. If you’ve got blonde highlights, pastels like Rose Gold Blush and Candy Pink can give your roots a secret shine. For all hair colours, a bold burst of Fiery Red or Blue Twist (or both!) on your ends will instantly amp up your look.


And if that’s not enough oomph for you, Schwarzkopf’s LIVE Colour Precious Metals will take your hair to the next level. Use these striking shades to add a flash of colour to your tips, or give a few spritzes to brighten your space buns. Best of all, you can use LIVE Colour Precious Metals sprays on your skin too – spray arms, legs or anywhere to add a shimmering pop of colour coordination.


At All Out Beauty, one thing we truly believe is there’s no such thing as too much glitter. And Schwarzkopf is right there with us. Apply got2b Glitter Glam to roots or individual strands – even on the darkest hair – to sparkle your way through the main stage set list.


Bring on festival season. And remember, shine bright and dance all night!


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June 12, 2019
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