Halloween makeup tutorial

Pop Art

Pop Art inspired Halloween makeup

Stand out from the crowd this Halloween by following our easy pop art makeup tutorial. We teamed up with the amazingly talented Carisse from @Carissecontagious to bring you this bold and beautiful makeup look!

Step 1:

Begin your look with your base makeup ready. This includes eyeshadow – we’ve gone with blue & green to compliment the hair colour, but you can use whatever you like. Bolder is better with this look!

Step 2:

Using black face paint, outline your face.

(this includes jawline, nose, cheek bones, collar bones and shoulders)

Fill in your eyebrows using the black face paint, then add tears under your eye using blue face paint.

Step 3:

Use the white face paint to add dots and details. We’ve only used dots sporadically in this look, but it also works really well if you choose to cover the whole face and neck / chest area.

Step 5:

Use the blue face paint to colour your lips. Outline these in black and then add white detailing.

Step 4:

Use black kohl eyeliner, and black mascara to give your eyes a bold eye-catching look.

PRO TIP - Use the white face paint to outline the letters of your chosen word (we used POW as it’s only 3 letters and easy to fit on, but feel free to get more creative!)

Step 6:

Fill in the letters with colour and then fill in the background. Use the black face paint to draw a bold outline around both.

Watch the full tutorial here:

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