Halloween makeup tutorial

Sugar Skull

Half face sugar skull with gems

Step 1:

Start off with half a face of makeup. Make sure you don’t use concealer / foundation on the other half, as it will smudge in with the white face paint!

Step 2:

Map out the skull design using a brown lip / eyebrow pencil.You’ll need to draw on the eye socket, cheek bone, nose and jawline.

Step 3:

Fill in the gaps with white face paint. Make sure to leave your eye, nose and edge of your face blank.

Step 4:

Now fill in the rest of the gaps with black face paint. You can use a sponge to blend in your cheek bone and around your mouth

Step 5:

Apply the gems to your mouth, brow and under eye. We used a mixture of shapes and sizes, but you’re free to get creative!

PRO TIP – use eyelash glue to apply your gems, they’ll be sure to stay on while you party the night away!

Step 6:

Use black eyeshadow to add shading around the edge of the skull and around the teeth.

Step 7:

Apply false eyelashes

Watch the full tutorial here:

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