Step 1: Apply base makeup

Start with your face makeup ready

Apply a primer under eyebrows and on eyelids

Step 2: Apply first shade of eyeshadow

Use a light shade of eyeshadow as a base for this look

Apply this shade to the whole eyelid, focusing on the crease and upper lid

Step 3: Apply a darker shade of eyeshadow

Use a darker shade of eyeshadow on the outer half of your eyelid, on and above your crease

Extend this into a subtle wing shape

Step 4: Apply shimmery gold eyehsadow

Use a shimmery gold eyehsadow and apply this to the centre of your eyelid, blending outwards

Step 5: Blend into wing shape

Use a dark brown shade to blend and extend the outer eye into a wing shape

Step 6: Apply light eyeshadow to inside of eyelid

Using a light shade of eyeshaow, highlight the inside of your eyelid

Step 7: Apply eyeliner

Apply a kohl eyeliner

Step 8: Apply mascara

Watch our video tutorial below for a detailed look at each step, from our talented MUA Sophie.


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