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This year’s London Fashion Week saw 54 catwalk shows put on by over 80 designers. It saw Posh Spice (AKA Victoria Beckham) celebrate an impressive 10 years of her brand, with David and the rest of the family sat front row in support. House of Holland based their collection around the daily commute, and women who embrace doing their makeup on the tube. Plus, you’ll be inspired for months to come by the street style, whether its beaded bags, cowboy boots or chunky trainers you’re into, there was something for everyone.

We are totally in love with House of Holland’s eye-wateringly bright collection, that wowed the crowds at this year’s LFW. Regardless of the fact that it was modeled on the morning commute, it still oozed style and class - because who doesn’t when they’re applying mascara on the tube at 7am!

image source: getty

Animal print dominated the catwalk and the streets, with so many leopard inspired outfits spotted you’d think someone raided Scary Spice’s wardrobe.

image sources: (Isabel Infantes/PA) (instagram/lornaluxe) (getty)

Cowboy boots reigned supreme as the streets of London got a taste of the Wild West (or the 80’s?). From classic brown leather to snake skin and bold, block colours, there was a cowboy boot for every style.

image Source: Getty / Christian Vierig

Don’t worry though – trainers are still in. To be specific,the chunky ‘dad’ trainer is very much, still in. From big name designers like Balenciaga, to sportswear brands like Fila (who had their LFW debut this year) everyone wanted in on the platform sneaker action. Baby spice would be proud!

image Source: Getty / Christian Vierig

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