Simple up-do

hairstyle tutorial

Follow this easy guide and in just 10 steps you’ll be able to achieve this simple & stylish up-do!

Step 1

Find your parting and section off the front of your hair

Step 2

Backcomb the top section of your hair at the crown (this will add texture) then curl this section using a curling wand with a medium sized barrel

PRO TIP: use a flexible hold hairspray after each stage

Step 3

Add texture to the curls with a tail comb and then secure with hair grips

Step 4

 Now curl the bottom section of your hair

Step 5

Bring both sections together to form a low ponytail, secure with a hairband. Add texture to the end of the ponytail with a tail comb

Step 6

Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with hairgrips, then tease the bun into shape and pull out any loose strands

Step 7

Straighten the roots of the front section and then curl

Step 8

Add volume to this section with a tail comb and then twist into the bun, securing with hair grips

Step 9

Repeat this step on the other side, leaving out a few strands of hair to frame your face

Step 10

Finish this look by setting with a strong hold hairspray

Watch our tutorial video below for a more detailed look at each step:

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